Communication through moving image.

Creative, engaging content that communicates ideas, and entertains.

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About Us

Olaus Roe is a UK video production company with a global reach spanning multiple disciplines that include broadcast, TV commercials, digital media, virals, motion graphics, animation, 3D modelling and corporate communication.

Our team is passionate about developing entertaining and engaging video content that connects with people, deepens the viewer relationships and takes brands in exciting new directions.

Aerial Shots

CAA permit holders for Aerial work.

Established in 2003, by Director Andy Bourne. Andy was previously a Director at one of the UK’s largest broadcast graphics companies, producing content for clients such as the BBC, Discovery and National Geographic. He established Olaus Roe to bring broadcast standards in video production, to corporate clients.

Be it channel branding, commercials, promos or any form of corporate communication, the Olaus Roe objective has been to increase and enhance communication between our clients and their audiences.

Behind the scenes

Get a glimpse of the scale of work that goes into each production through some of our behind the scenes pics

Why Olaus Roe?

We'll always endeavour to provide the most creative approach possible.

We're professional and dedicated. Many of our clients we have worked with for years, so reputation is everything to us.

SFX & Compositing

From wire painting, rotoscoping, CGI zero-G effects to complete environment CGI replacement.

Motion graphics

Creative graphic sequences - including Kinetic Type


  • Creative

    • Concepts
    • Brand development
    • Storyboarding
    • Scripting
    • Design development
  • Pre Production

    • Clear Cast clearance for UK commercials
    • BBFC cinema certification
    • Casting
    • Location scouting
    • Carnet, shipping and local sourcing
    • Location facilities, WC's, green rooms & catering
    • Set build and props sourcing
    • Child chaperoning and licensing, CRB checks
    • Transport & accommodation arrangements
    • Professional risk assessments
    • Full production insurance
  • Filming

    • Direction
    • Production
    • Special Effects supervision
    • Professional crews with 20 years + experience
    • Full professional kit including camera, sound and lighting
    • Studio or location shoots
    • Green screen shoots
    • International filming
    • Experienced working with children
    • Hazardous, sensitive environments and confidential situations
  • Specialist film work

    • High speed and macro shots
    • 4k
    • Broadcast standards
    • Short depth of field, filmic work
    • Aerial film work
    • CAA aerial applications and permits
  • Post Production

    • Motion Graphics
    • Compositing including SFX work
    • CGI 3D animation
    • Full off and online edit facilities
    • Voice Over sourcing
    • Music production
    • Music sourcing including PRS licensing fees
    • Audio edit & mixing for UK broadcast and cinema release
  • Delivery

    • Broadcast QAR and Harding checks
    • Mastering for broadcast
    • Delivery to UK broadcast channels
    • Delivery for Cinema release
    • USB, Blue-Ray & DVD production
    • Encode expertise for PC & online delivery. (YouTube, Vimeo & Powerpoint)

Our approach

We want to make the best quality moving image content. We produce a diverse range of content for an equally diverse range of clients. With a design-led understanding sympathetic to your brand, we can work with you from concept to screen, or integrate with an existing campaign from your own designs. We aim to provide our clients with fixed costs, giving them control over their budgets and resources.  We pride ourselves in being transparent and honest, doing everything possible to achieve the best creative results.

The Team

We enjoy what we do, and like to work with people that share our passion. Our team comprises of a mix of talented friends that we have come to disrespect over the 10 years Olaus Roe has been producing in the video and graphics arenas.

Andy Bourne

Over 20 years experience in video and graphics. Director, producer, designer, editor, and Olaus Roe founder. Qualified airborne drone camera operator. Incapable of not spilling his coffee.

Dan Hedger

Video renaissance man; experienced designer, compositor, editor and director. Wannabe rock star. No hair.

Ceri Howe

Compositor, production assistant and talented music composer. Tragic love life.

Eric Huyton

Globally experienced broadcast lighting cameraman. Has been there, done that.

Leah Walker

Battle-hardened compositor, designer and art director. 

Simon Cox

The brilliantly gifted, large and hairy lighting cameraman. Holds sea platfrom work certification.

Paul Baker

Dependable and patient soundman. Known to stop road workers laying tarmac to get quiet on set.

Debbie Taylor

Serene producer and project co-ordinator of the video and TV world. Whip-cracker and mad cat-lady to the studio team.

As a team, we share a hot-tub of skills in camerawork, lighting, editing, animation, 3D modelling, compositing, tea-making, and audio. And of course producing, directing, writing, storyboarding, graphic design and time travel (for when you need that video yesterday.)

Let's talk about a video project

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