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History, Sport & Crime

Channel idents


Olaus Roe were commissioned to rebrand Viasat's top cable channels. This was to coincide with the launch of four new digital premium movie channels.

We designed, directed and composited many channel Indents ranging from the movie channels, though to History and Sport.

The Indents feature live action material of dancers and flame-throwers all shot at high speed on film, through to CGI sequences of exploding statues for the sports channels. Filming the flame throwers presented it's own challenges with specialised kit being required to allow long exposure shots to be produced whilst keeping the frame rate up at 25fps.

For the History channel we developed a "Da Vinci's Man" concept with a model being placed into a gyroscope to produce imagery which reflected this. The gyroscope required 2 safety officers to operate, and with the time the model could be inside being very limited. (A sick bucket was utilised...)

The film features shots from around the world all produced using time-lapse photography to help emphasise  frenetic growth. To help with costs and avoid un-necessary travel, many library shots were sourced and included to convey a global message. This included the sourcing of actual satellite imagery of the world for the final shots of the sequence.

This sequence has proved very versatile for PB, lending itself to versioning for difference usages. Changes to the messaging and adjustments to the edit allow the film to be adapted as needed with the bulk of the production remaining untouched.