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Over There - Sc-Fi

London Sci-Fi 48hr 2012


Short Sci Fi comedy film concerning a solution to the problem of energy consumption

Olaus Roe were given 48hrs to script, film and produce a 5 minute Sci Fi film for the world's largest Sci Fi competition. We were given a title, prop and a line of dialogue that had to be included. 'Over There' comprised a location and studio shoot.

Given the title "Over There" we decided to produce a film with an environmental element, inspired by the numerous nuisance calls we were getting in the office from "Energy Suppliers" asking us to switch to their supply.

Starring Bernie Hodges and Garry Summers.

Filmed on the Panasonic 101. With a skeleton production team, all sound, camera and directing executed by Andy Bourne and Dan Hedger, Ceri Howe helping with audio and wrote the score to the film. The studio scenes were shot on a Saturday, location shots done on a Sunday with all of the post production being finished Sunday night, ready for submission at noon Monday! with bacon sandwiching at 12:30 in the local cafe.

Scenes of our alien "David" were shot in a studio with views of the Earth and high-tech alien displays being added in post. (No, they're not real.) These are produced in 3DS Max and After Effects.

Behind the scenes

Location and studio shoot and post production with minimum crew and with the clock ticking down