Embarkation - Sci-Fi

5 minute short Sci Fi film


A short Sci-fi film produced for the SCI-FI-LONDON 48 hour Film Festival. Written by and starring, Garry Summers and Bernie Hodges. Made by team Olaus Roe.

Our Brief:
Title: EMBARKATION - 48hrs London Sci-fi Competition 2013

Line: It was as much a product of luck and timing as everything else.

Prop: "A torch - A character shakes the torch, pulls it apart, and puts it back together again. it still doesn't work."

Shop keeper - Garry Summers
Customer - Bernie Hodges
Child - Coco Bourne
Direction - Andy Bourne
AD & Editor - Dan Hedger
DOP - Eric Huyton
Sound - Paul Baker
Camera - Simon
Music - Ceri Howe
Kit - Films@59
Kit - Eyelights
Green screen - Imagist Studio
With thanks to Bike Works, Bristol

We shot and produced this film in the last 24hrs of the competition with the principle filming ending around 6pm on the Sunday. We then worked all Sunday night to deliver this for the Monday lunchtime deadline. Imagist Studios allowed us to film in their studio for the flying bike shots and Bike Works of Bristol helped out with the location. Films @59 provided all of the kit, with the crew donating their time to the cause. Big thanks to everyone involved!

Behind the scenes

On location with a very special bicycle