Basra Clinic - Animation

Animation describing the the FM Basra Clinic


Frontier Medex provide medical support and infrastructure to companies and individuals working around the world. In many cases these can be remote or hostile location where clients wouldn't normally have access to modern medical facilities without FrontierMEDEX providing them.

FrontierMEDEX needed to show some of their new facilities in Basra, Iraq and talk about the services they offered. With the facility still in construction, a 3D graphic animation was decided upon as an approach that best conveyed this information.

Produced by Olaus Roe, this short 2 minute film features 3D animation, motion graphics, music and suppoting voiceover  to describe the emergency medical facilities in Iraq. Working with existing asset materials, the graphical style was an extension of their current brand,  This film is used at trade shows, presentations and online.

The film was scripted, animated and delivered in 3 weeks.