Aviation showreel

Camerawork from our team in the air and in the hangar


Our team share a knowledge and passion for all things aeronautic. With camera crew experience in aircraft of all types including fast jets, rotary and military as well as CAA rated aerial work with our dual control 4k platform.

We assure clear and precise planning of air to air manoeuvres prior to flight, and establish a good communication with the pilots and aircrew.

All camera mount systems and mounting points approved by RAF engineers. Onboard cameras are tested and approved prior to flight and withstand expected G-forces. Sound recorded from aircraft comms system using NATO plugs.

Onboard Rotary, all spare kit is safely secured and cameras are safety strapped to the helicopter airframe and not the camera operator.


Reel includes the talented team at Trig Aerobatics and Air Leasing Ltd plus the fabulous and dedicated work of the Grace family and their Spitfire mkIX ML407.

Also Eric, our cameraman’s work with Brian Cox breaking the sound barrier, onboard a Hercules with the RAF and Vianet’s aerial work filming the Nyirangongo live volcano and jungles of the Congo.

Behind the scenes

In the cockpit and on the airfield